CNTPA Release Form

Central Nebraska Team Penning Association Program
Release from Liability by Participants

The Central Nebraska Team Penning Association Program Release from Liability by Participants Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered in for the 2016 team penning season by and between the below printed and signed participant and the Central Nebraska Team Penning Association (CNTPA).

This agreement represents the understanding and acceptance by the Participant of the rules and regulations of the CNTPA Program with which he/she must comply as well as the relevant Nebraska statutory law.

Nebraska law recognizes that persons who participate in equine activities may incur injuries as a result of the risks involved in such activities. At the same time, Nebraska law finds that the state and its citizens derive economic and personal benefits from such activities, and therefore the law provides reasonable standards for those involved in such activities.

Simply, a horse is an equine. Team penning is an equine activity. CNTPA is an equine activity sponsor. A participant is one who engages in an equine activity whether or not a fee is paid to participate in the event. Nebraska law provides that an equine activity sponsor shall not be liable for an injury to or death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.

An inherent rise of equine activities means those dangers or conditions that are an integral part of equine activities. These risks include, but are not limited to, the unpredictable behavior of the equine which may result in bucking, biting, stumbling, rearing, trampling, scratching, pecking, falling or butting; the physical conditions of the equine activity facility; the negligent behavior of the participant; and collisions with a person, or other animals or objects.

Pursuant to this release and applicable state law, a Participant may not hold the equine sponsor liable for the inherent risks associated with equine activities. The Participant, by signing below, acknowledges that he/she assumes the full risk of participating in the equine activity of CNTPA for the 2016 season.

By signing below, the Participant acknowledges he/she has read the above and fully understands the contents of this release and agrees to hold harmless CNTPA, its agents and employees, from and against any such damages, claims and expenses arising out of or resulting from the inherent risks of team penning with CNTPA for the 2016 season. In the event the participant does not understand any of the above, he/she should immediately contact the CNTPA coordinator to answer his/her questions so that he/she fully understands and agrees prior to signing below.

Participant’s Name (printed):_________________________________________

Participant’s Signature:_____________________________________________


 (click here for printable form of this document that you may fill out, sign and turn in to the coordinators of CNTPA to have on file at each event you participate in.)

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